The Enchanted Brand

How to Win Loyalty and Inspire Action in Today’s Upside Down World

Want People to Stand Behind Your Organization?

Every organization has a complex human side to it. That side is increasingly challenging in today’s complex, disruptive, ambiguous world where emotions are high and driving everything.  How do we attract and retain talent that is restless. Inspire performance among a skeptical workforce. Acquire customers reluctant to try new things. Build enduring loyalty among fickle consumers. Attract committed investors. Keep a public profile that perseveres unexpected twists and turns. There are new dynamics operating in our new world that change how people relate to all things connected to commerce, and the old rules no longer apply. The Enchanted Brand introduces a revolutionary approach to leading people through daunting change in a world where almost everything is uncertain. Rather than prescribe solutions and expect people to embrace them, we need to do the opposite. We need to open imaginations and inspire people to find their own answers. By combining branding with the power of enchantment, you can help your organization overcome the barriers of fear and distrust that put it at risk on multiple fronts, and achieve the human commitment needed to thrive during this epic era of transformation. By igniting the imagination, you’ll empower people to sell themselves on the choices you want them to make, which gives them greater agency in the world on your behalf.

“Jane masterfully brings to light an advanced and unique brand paradigm. She cleverly illustrates new ways of thinking, innovating, and adapting to an ever-changing landscape.”

DEBBIE ROSE WOLOSHIN, Chief Marketing Officer, LVMH/Marc Jacobs 

The Enchanted Brand is a mind-expanding look at the role brands can play in our new world. It provides a powerful reflection on challenges facing humanity right now, and a toolkit for building brands that empower the human side of business for a better world.”

JONAH BERGER, marketing professor at the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania, bestselling author of Contagious, Invisible Influence, and The Catalyst

“Reading this book forever changed my view of brand and its unleashed purpose and power in today and tomorrow’s world. Truly inspiring and thought provoking.”

ROBERT RINEYPresident, Healthcare Operations and Chief Operating Officer, Henry Ford Health System

“Jane understands brands, knows brands, and loves brands! Her special gift is knowing how they meet people, because she studies and understands people’s feelings and how they evolve. This book is just another powerful example. An important read for marketers who want their brands to connect today.”

DAVID BELL, Advertising Hall of Fame, chairman emeritus of the Interpublic Group

“A must-read that masterfully describes the need for shifting from dated traditional branding to ‘enchanted branding,’ which engages the human imagination like never before. Her powerful rationale and actionable steps are a game-changer.”

STEPHEN T. LIMBERG, PricewaterhouseCoopers Centennial Professor, McCombs School of Business, The University of Texas at Austin

“How can companies and their brands navigate our world of incessant, frenzied, tectonic shifts? The Enchanted Brand answers with a wild ride of inspirational insights and clever strategy, drawn from areas as diverse as military tactics, psychology, consumerism, and, of course, marketing. A transcendent read full of practical advice and perspective.”

PRESTON MCAFEE, Google Distinguished Scientist